Valedictory Romeny

The end of an era – our professor Bart ter Haar Romeny officially retires. For the occasion, a special symposium was organized, and the professor held his valedictory speech. Afterward we were invited for a great evening with dinner. It was such a pleasure to catch up with everyone and relive great memories!

Not quite Jett

Some time ago Jett Rebel had an amazing debut. We noticed him at a small festival: virtuoso funky music, high energy, and great backing vocals. We now visited his full show, which turned out to be a deception. At times we could see his tremendous skills, capturing funky riffs and mastering his music with soul. Most of the show seemed to revolve about Jelte himself though. While he has the stage presence to keep things interesting, his ego seemed to get the better of the show. So much promise and so much talent, which did not surface this night.

Schisis surgery

We knew it was coming, and yet this was one hefty period. Our son had his first surgery to close his lip and palete cleft. Leaving your little boy at the surgery table is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, ever. The tense times have been worth it though: we couldn’t be more pleased with the outstanding result of the surgery. And he has been so brave throughout!


Also this year, the Spoorzone (former train marshalling yard) was swarmed with little trucks that sell special and tasty foods and drinks in a cosy atmosphere. Of course we couldn’t resist to take a few snacks 😎

Ciao bello

First holiday with the three of us, and we set for Italy. We opted for a relatively short flight from Einhoven to Bergamo, and stayed at a number of agriturismo accomodations. Again we found a relaxing atmosphere with great food and scenary. Bringing a baby along takes the Italian hospitality and friendliness to a whole different level. Especially middle-aged women couldn’t resist to say hi to Tibo – ‘ciao bello’!


We all know children grow and develop so fast! We’d better capture these precious moments with some memorable pictures. Now that he is a little baby, we asked our wedding photographer Dario Endara for a photoshoot of Tibo. Again very pleased with the results πŸ™‚

Wagon food

For a special evening out together, we decided to try a new venue in Tilburg: a restaurant in a train wagon. Despite her pregnant belly, Ellen and I squeezed in at the bar. The concept and kitchen stems from the owners of De Houtloods. The food in the wagon is not up to the restaurant standards; it is more luxury pub dining in a cosy atmosphere.

Pregnancy shoot

We asked our wedding photographer Dario Endara to create a nice series of photos, now that Ellen has a wonderfully pregnant belly. We went to the trendy industrial area Strijp-S in Eindhoven for a fun shoot. Our day ended at the bar Radio Royaal for a few more photos and a nice chat with Dario. Wonderful pictures and memories to cherish.

Geubels say thanks

We know Philippe Geubels as a TV personality, with a particularly slow-voiced type of humor. Though funny, we didn’t know what to expect of a full program in theatre. It turned out be a fantastic evening out, with great fun. Bottom line of his show – thanks for everything, everyone. That included us, the audience, whom he kindly offered a bottle of beer after the show 😎


Each year we aim to visit the wonderful world of the Efteling. It’s just such good fun – great thrill rides, but more importantly great atmosphere. Until the next one!

Wee Edinburgh

A weekend trip together to a destination that was high on our wish list for quite some time: Scotland. This time we visited the beautiful city of Edinburgh, with its Hogwards-like building style, but also perticularly warm and welcoming people. Hope to be back one day to see (and hear) more of the Scots.


A guided tour in the wonderful local brewery of Kraftbier. Singlehandedly, the brewer create a number of tasty beers in this small but cosy setting. His mom puts the corks on the bottles. πŸ™‚


One of the upcoming bands in Belgium: Bazart. After their succesful song ‘Goud’, they do come up with more hit-material songs, so this is definitely a band to keep an eye on. A great mix of rap and rock, blend into a unique indiepop concept. Interestingly, they attract a rather broad audience, from children with their parents to indie hipsters. Their performance has improved since the last time we saw them; with ever growing self-confidence.

Africa by Light

Second time we visited Africa by Light, a light art project in the ‘Beekse Bergen‘ animal park. Positively surprised to see there were many new object to see in this 2.5km walking tour. Also the winter fairytale setting has improved, including marshmallow cooking at the camp fire. Let’s hope they organize this event again next year.

Authentic Trixie

A unique concert by Trixie Whitley in the awe-inspiring decor of De Kapel. A mesmerizing evening with an improvised setlist, performing some of her best songs in its purest form. This is the type of evening that suits her so well, opening up to the audience in speech and music. A night to remember, and a memory to cherish.

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