Geubels say thanks

We know Philippe Geubels as a TV personality, with a particularly slow-voiced type of humor. Though funny, we didn’t know what to expect of a full program in theatre. It turned out be a fantastic evening out, with great fun. Bottom line of his show – thanks for everything, everyone. That included us, the audience, whom he kindly offered a bottle of beer after the show ๐Ÿ˜Ž


The new show of Marc-Marie Huijbregts again was a joy of recognition of local dialect and habits. The announced break did not take long, as he did have more stories to tell; often the simple things taken from daily life. Fun evenening full of anecdotes and witticisms.

Theo Maassen

A night of stand-up comedy for the birthday boy. ย A really nice getaway from the busy days. Theo again demonstrated his good old cynical skepticism, though somewhat milder compared to his early years as stand-up comedian. The center point of attention – sensitivities concerning religion. The takeaway, Theo’s church is humor and freedom of speech. Hear hear!

Carte blanche

Thanks to Ad, a nice evening out to Daniรซl Arends! A comedy show with highlights and lowlights: in particular the first part was sharp, positively cynical and funny. Later on he started to break-down the reasoning he built up in the first half, but this caused the show to loose momentum. A bit to disdain and bitchy at times for my taste, but worth some good laughter nonetheless. ๐Ÿ™‚


What a great comedy show, in all it’s simplicity. A tad atrabilious at times, causing occasional shameful laughter. Just two elderly ‘sisters’ at a table, arranging the funeral of their suddenly deceased other sister. The enlargment of local customs and language was so recognizable and hilarious.

Comedy zone

We really enjoy the comedy nights in the Spoorzone in Tilburg, organized by ‘Eve-vents’. This time it was a great line up, including a try-out of Theo Maassen (who really want to take the honeurs once, but is afraid it becomes his idรฉfix, haha). Because of this, the crowd was surely larger than before. This evening, I particularly liked Nabil though: an upcoming talent who has the strenght to play with racial differences (in a way that made Najib Amhali famous), and combines that with great beatboxing skills and a decent musicianship.

Emphatic Van Sauers

It’s been a long long time since Eric van Sauers performed in Goirle. After a break, he is back, and again Ad and I went to see his latest show. He is getting older and that provides plenty of awkward situation very suitable for a show, with often painful recognition as a result – ouch. With age, the sharpest edges of his cynical tone have faded, yes he even used the word emphatic in light of his personality. This was obviously true before, but it was shining through now more than ever. For the show, I’d like him a bit more on his marks again, but it was nontheless an enjoyable evening!

Even geduld – the sequel

Second time to see Jochem Myjer’s amazing ‘come-back’ show after he conquered a neck tumor. He really is at -full speed- again, running and joking around, imitating celebrities and telling stories from the impressive and interactive decor. A wonderful night out: you just have to like his warm and energizing personality.

Comedy zone: Komproe

Comedy zone is a relatively new initiative that brings fun comedy / cabaret night into the great atmosphere of the Spoorzone. This time with the ‘Braboneger’ and Howard Komproe. Great night out!

Jochem Myjer – Het geduld waard

Een fantastische show van Jochem Myjer, waarin hij zelfs zijn zware periode waarin hij kanker heeft overwonnen op een grappige (myjer: tumor-humor) en toch oprecht indringende manier overbrengt. Dit keer voorzien van schitterende projecties op een enorm borstbeeld van Jochem zelf; maar het is vooral zijn positieve energie, hilarische types, muzikaliteit en slimme interactie met het publiek die de avond tot grote hoogte brengen. De show heet ‘even geduld a.u.b.’ – het was het wachten meer dan waard!

Theo oudejaars

Het is misschien niet ‘Theo zijn ding’, zo’n oudejaarsconference. Toch was hij weer heerlijk scherp en maatschappijkritisch. Hebben we dan niks beters dan zwarte piet en badrrrr om ons druk over te maken!?

Marc Marie – Florissant

Heerlijk avond in de schouwburg met schitterende plaatsen voor de show van Marc-Marie Huijbregts. Een show zoals je die van MMH mag verwachten, met Brabantse gebruiken en wijsheden, onmogelijke familiebetrekkingen, een paar liedjes, maar vooral hilarische Tilburgse klets ๐Ÿ˜€ Rondgaan met toastjes is vanaf nu nooit meer het zelfde.

Wim Helsen – Nie spijtig

We had a great evening out to see a stand-up comedian that we had not seen before. The melancholy of Theo Maassen, the absurdism of Hans Teeuwen, combined with smart psychology and a wonderful Flemish accent. Great show!

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