Each year we aim to visit the wonderful world of the Efteling. It’s just such good fun – great thrill rides, but more importantly great atmosphere. Until the next one!

Wee Edinburgh

A weekend trip together to a destination that was high on our wish list for quite some time: Scotland. This time we visited the beautiful city of Edinburgh, with its Hogwards-like building style, but also perticularly warm and welcoming people. Hope to be back one day to see (and hear) more of the Scots.

Africa by Light

Second time we visited Africa by Light, a light art project in the ‘Beekse Bergen‘ animal park. Positively surprised to see there were many new object to see in this 2.5km walking tour. Also the winter fairytale setting has improved, including marshmallow cooking at the camp fire. Let’s hope they organize this event again next year.

Belgium 2/2

An the weekend continues to Brugge. Just as gorgeous, but a tad more touristy. Well, what can you expect in with all the majestic buildings. Love to go back some time soon. 😎

Belgium 1/2

Off for a nice weekend to Belgium, experiencing the cities and culture of our ‘neighbors’. First of Gent: beautiful, historic, warm and inviting. (Did I mention Belgians serve a great beer?) πŸ™‚


A weekend to relax and enjoy the Belgian culture. First day we visited the food market and stopped by one of Ellen’s favorite jewelry shops. Of course we went to the big market (this time loaded with tents to celebrate 450 years town hall) and ended our day with great Indian food (garlic naaaaaaan). Next day we visited the FoMu photo museum, with a fantastic exhibition of historic photography processes – just my cup of tea 😎 . After the indispensible glass of special beer we strolled underneat the river Scheldt and enjoyed the view on the city. I’m quite sure this wasn’t our last visit.

Africa by Light

A special event is organized in ‘de Beekse Bergen‘: Africa by Light. With netting and fabrics, animals are constructed and nicely illuminated. In a one to two hour stroll you get to see a whole series of wonderfully created creatures. A nice experience, which is nice for night photography as well πŸ™‚


Every year we try to visit the amazing light event Glow in Eindhoven, and it seems each year the crowd becomes larger and larger. While the first couple of years you could wander around freely and peacefully think about the best photographic angle, now the event is flooded with people and tripods. With the growth of the event, also the light art projects becomes larger each year: a large balloon, a light palace and a 3D projected cathedral to name a few. Yet, I still very much like the seemingly simple small projects with nice 3D light effects.


Traveling for a weekend to Florence, we made a quick stop at Pisa – obviously to see and climb famous leaning tower. The tower turned out a bit smaller than I expected, but it was surely leaning over more than it should πŸ˜‰ . Our destination was Florence, with a convenient hotel at the centrally located Piazza Signoria. From there we could walk to all the famous highlights, nicely skipping some queues with our Firenze card. The number of sights in a short distance if unbelievable – the cathedral, the David, the Uffizi, just to name a few. Of course we also greatly enjoyed the Italian food: a local menu with different dishes, a Florentine steak, and of course a good share of meat platters and red wine πŸ™‚ .

Bocktoer @ Piushaven

The upcoming Piushaven regions is nowadays full of nice restaurants and shops. So when we noticed there was a tour along the restaurants, providing a special Bock beer and snack, we did not hesitate long πŸ˜‰

Baron 1898

A wonderful day at the ever greater themepark: Efteling. Every now and then a new attraction is introduced, for instance a wooden rollercoaster (hint: pick blue), or a mesmerizing fountain with light, music and pyrotechnics. This year, however, the highlight is Baron 1898: a thrill ride with a mineworkers theme, dropping you straight to the ground and into the mines (well, hypothetically, because the track just picks you up and throws you into some interesting turns and loopings). Besides the new ride, we of course got to enjoy the well-know attractions again, this time with longer opening hours. Well, also with long waiting times: zig / zag / zig / zag…. Fortunately we were with excellent company, and on top the great weather made for a fantastic day 😎

Giant laser

First time visit at FabLab013: a workplace for designers to create awesome things. You can go nuts with 3D printing, laser cutting, milling cutter and more. This time we created a nice keychaing and cut a box for my photolab project. Inspiring afternoon: ideas are brewing 😎

Foto fair(ly) disappointing

A promising programme for the zoom.nl fotofair. Alas, it turned out to be a highly commercial and disappointing afternoon. The big names in photography were selling their stuff (no Sony, no Leica?!), and the well-known ‘box-sellers’ even set up mini warehouses. Buying some gear for an event price is of course great, but the event lacked photography know-how. Adobe talks were beginner to intermediate level (showing-off their products, but not much more), and the lecture we attended on photography in China turned out to be a slide-show of mostly mediocre photo’s, while selling there travel tours (we were not convinced).

European Collodion Weekend

Yes, it was a photography-packed weekend indeed. A bit closer to home, in Veldhoven, a collodion weekend was organized by Alex Timmermans. I’m not currently trying to do wet plate photography, but I find the process really intruiging. The wet plate process is slow traditional craftsmanship: it is just magical to see the picture appear on a metal plate. I enjoyed seeying all these wooden camera’s and the juggling with chemicals to produce amazing images.


With a free day to spend, we spontaneously jumped into the train to Antwerp.Β Enjoyed a great spring day in this beautiful city with its historical buildings.


Enjoyed a city trip to Brussel, enjoying the many faces of this place (we used our wedding present voucher). The train ride was a breeze, in two hours you are in the city and on your way to the hotel. We strolled through the old center and the neighborhoods around, viewing the stately (and definitely also less majestic) buildings and the diversity of wall art. Of course we could not resist some tourist fun: menneke pis, beer with typical sausage, and waffel with chocolade.


Last minute holiday trip: het Rijksmuseum. The building was recently renovated and is in a unbelievably good shape (taxes well spent). Gorgeous arches, mosaic floors and stained glass. On top of course a world class art collection from Rembrandt to Van Gogh. Tip: arrive early – queues are insane during peak hours.

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