Valedictory Romeny

The end of an era – our professor Bart ter Haar Romeny officially retires. For the occasion, a special symposium was organized, and the professor held his valedictory speech. Afterward we were invited for a great evening with dinner. It was such a pleasure to catch up with everyone and relive great memories!


A couple of years a go, I committed myself to industry, after several fantastic years in academia. This year, EuroVIS was held in Groningen, so that was an excellent opportunity to get in touch again with all the amazing people in the VIS community. With my support, a colleague presented a talk at EuroRV3 on the gap between industry and academia: the journey beyond the journal. Enjoyed the day in beautiful Groningen.

dr. Ellen

Met een strakke Prezi en een overtuigende verdediging is het gelukt: Ellen heeft haar titel πŸ˜€ De tumor resectie ging wel iets minder subtiel, maar dat mocht de pret in de Effenaar niet drukken πŸ˜‰ Proficiat!!

EuroVIS 2011 @ Bergen

Interesting visualization conference in marvelous Bergen, Norway. After a short and ‘particular’ welcome ‘respesjon’ by the deputy mayor, the conference started of with a memorable keynote lecture by Scott McCloud (Β  This was followed by a number of paper presentation in a wide range of visualization subjects. The social event took place on top of one of the mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. Unfortunately, a nasty cloud decided to provide some ‘ambient occlusion’, taking away the supposedly spectacular view. Nonetheless we had a wonderful dinner up there. The quality of this dinner was the precursor for the inspiring capstone lecture, provided by ‘the Meister’ on the last day of the conference.

After the conference, we took some time to set sail toward the fjords, enjoying the amazing nature. Finally, we were ever so kindly invited by mr Γ…smund to spend a cosy evening, with a rooftop bbq and live music. Really enjoyed that!

Movie night @ TUe

We decided to organize a movie night at the university. A revival of the good old tradition. Despite the extraordinary suggestion, we eventually ended up watching ‘Inception’.

BME conference

Egmond aan Zee is the location for the yearly BME conference. Nice get together of biomedical engineers. This year we’ve presented a poster on segmentation of 4D PC-MRI blood flow data.

VISweek 2010

The VISweek is over, and I had my presentation in a very interesting session. A heavily packed schedule, but very inspiring work. Now let’s dig through all those papers… Heading for the next deadline! πŸ˜›

KCL collegues to visit TUe

Packed, but nice and valuable visit of Tobias Schaeffter and Rachel Clough at our department at the TUe. Their colloquium was, as expected, very interesting and well attended. I’m glad the -book cafe- was to their liking as well πŸ™‚

GPGPU symposium

We had to invite ourselves, but we had an interesting symposium at the TUe about the state-of-the art of GPGPU in research and in the companies.

Master Huy to bite the dust

It’s been an intensive time with a hectic deadline. But Huy became master Huy. Without me knowing, I became MSc supervisor of the year… Wll, not unanimously, but I’m proud of it anyway!

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